Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why wrap with architectural film?

    It’s a cost-effective method for producing consistent quality end products in a wide range of surfaces. It enables you to achieve the visual of rare materials in several different finishes and colours while saving money on materials, time and costs, with the added benefit of optimal features such as fire safety.

  • Is architectural film cheaper than a traditional renovation?

    It is 50-70% cheaper than a traditional renovation and you can achieve the same visual result. Installation with no massive building work and you don’t have to rip out all the old fittings to create a brand new look. Architectural film quick and easy to apply to flat and irregular surfaces which saves you time on install and on costs.

  • What can architectural film be applied to?

    Literally anything that has a relatively smooth surface but it doesn’t have to be a flat panel, architectural film can fit in any space, and wrap around any object. Walls, panels, fittings, furniture, doors, false ceilings, counter tops, glass walls, glass…

  • What does architectural film feel like?

    The embossed patterns recreate an authentic and realistic feel. Many architectural films resemble natural materials and other types of surfaces to an outstanding degree.

  • Will architectural film get damaged easily?

    The protective film acts as a barrier between the print layer and the elements. Making these films weather, heat and moisture resistant and no delamination or visible change was noticed when tested with stains. Most architectural films come with a 10 years guarantee against delamination, cracking and yellowing with a high tensile strength meaning they can last longer than some classical solutions.

  • Can architectural film be printed on?

    Yes, we can print a custom designs or logos onto all architectural film allowing for a truly unique finish.

  • Is architectural film fire resistant?

    Yes, all surface finishes meet Flammability & IMO standardsso have a Fire resistance Certification. Most Products are classed as Fire retardant meaning they self-extinguishing. You can download the certificates and specifications for all brands here.

  • Do we need to bring our own designs?

    You can if you have them! Definitely bring some ideas of what you want but we have a design team who can help you discover the possibilities. We can produce visuals showing initial idea options, concepts through to a finished design of what your renovation can look like.