Slat Signage


Slat Signage

Perfectly suited for large office blocks, hospitals and any building which requires an internal wayfinding directory system. Fabricated out of lightweight aluminium, our exclusive slat signage system is available with multiple profile depths, all of which are interchangeable.

All Slat Signage is powder coated on site, to a RAL colour of your choice.


Stylos Fingerspost

Robust, simple in install and adaptable to many different types of city center and rural applications; these fingerpost systems are highly resistant to vandalism, that means fewer repairs and replacement costs overtime.


Post & Panel

This is a simplistic and popular type of wayfinding sign which is typically seen on large complexes, such as university campuses, hospitals grounds and business parks. Constructed from aluminium, this free-standing directory system is highly adaptable and available with multiple post types, profiles and plank depths.