99 & Main

99 & Main is a 1930’s themed cocktail bar in Bingley, West Yorkshire, they offer a huge range of luxury cocktails, both classic and contemporary and are looking to really make an impression on the local bar scene.

They required an interior that brought out the 1930’s theme, matching the elegance and sophistication of the drinks they serve. The White Space introduced unique materials positively enhancing this space.

We began by wrapping the bar in 3M’s copper vinyl to give it a nostalgic yet stylish look. Next, snakeskin vinyl was applied to the doors to add yet more character. We utilised our in-house design team to create and produce four prints to be placed on the wall, keeping a classic 1930’s theme throughout, even to the smallest details. Finally, window etch was added to the exterior glass, to project this stunning vintage look out onto the streets to entice passers-by.

The final result is a bar that takes you back in time in style!