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Introducing 3M

Introducing 3M, one of the products we like to use in our designs.

3M is a science-based technology company that combines science, technology, creativity and innovation to create new products. Established over 100 years ago 3M have always been committed to improving lives by pursuing solutions to customers problems- creating products that didn’t exist 5 years ago. Improving safety, the environment, productivity, health- meeting the worlds ever changing challenges.

One of these new products is 3M Di Noc- a completely versatile self-adhesive vinyl that can be applied to any facade, exterior, interior or even the furniture and fixtures of a space. They are available in a huge range of colours, finishes and textures, giving a realistic end result at a much lower cost. In fact, figures have shown that a refurbishment using these high-quality architectural finishes comes in at a 7th of the cost of sourcing all the materials as new. Which is great when working to a budget!




The textures include:

  • Wood Grain–  perfect for those times when you need an organic and natural feel. Great for doors and to re-furnish kitchen furniture.
  • Metallic– for those times when you want a flawless metallic finish such as stainless steel without having to replace worktops and pieces of furniture.
  • Carbon to give an edgy character to a room or space.
  • Natural Patterns– the natural patterns include some fabric looks that are great for softening spaces with texture and muted tones.
  • Single Colour– to add a splash of colour. There’s a wide range of colour swatches available.
  • Whiteboard– whiteboard films allow you to create a real whiteboard in your office or classroom in no time and to fit in any space.

When tested these films are proven to have no change with abrasion, resistant to stains, heat and moisture resistant and importantly are fire resistant.

These Architectural Films offer many benefits: being easy to apply with minimal preparation, noise or mess and easy to repair if damaged. Pressure sensitive adhesive bonds to many surfaces meaning you don’t have to rip out the existing- you can remodel and reuse what you already have reducing labour and material costs. 3M’s Adhesive Technology it virtually eliminates bubbles which adds to the ease and speed of application. They offer a hardwearing solution with high quality results to all market segments whether it be a renovation or new build. Resembling natural materials and other types of surfaces remarkably well. Application can be done in anywhere, meaning that any changes or modifications to the surface designs in intricate environments can be done with without disruption.

The films can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as walls and wall panels, Ceilings, Fixtures, Elevators, Doors, Columns, Furniture, Backlit, Partitions, Curved surfaces, Flat surface… etc.




3M also offer films for glass that control light and privacy while enhancing interior aesthetic. 3M Fasara are made of thin, durable polyester with a decorative matte surface for interior glass partitions or windows. Custom solutions can be designed for residential and commercial projects depending on the visual effect you’re wanting. If you don’t want a permanent design then they are easily removable or can be repositioned if needed. Ranging in opacities and choices such as a paper texture, pattern and gradients that all don’t require any extra care.



To view our full range of di-noc swatches, please feel free to visit our catalogue site on where you can order your sample online.