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Techceram’s New Look

A bold new look for Techceram’s new offices.

Founded 21 years ago, Techceram are innovators in digital workflow for Dental Laboratories and their clinicians, now supplies ceramic substructures to over 200 dental laboratories in the UK. Continually looking for innovations with equipment including Imes Icore Milling, NextDent 3D Printing, ExoCAD, Hyperdent CAM & Smart Optics Lab scanning equipment. Techceram work with Labs help them improve efficiency and workflow by using innovative technology.



They recently moved offices to a unit in Sapper Jordan Rossi Park in Baildon with a purpose built facilities. The new premises has more space, a bigger team, fully equipped training facilities and the very latest in milling equipment and expertise. Comprising of a fully fitted out office for the ever growing team, training hub, innovation lab and milling centre, with plenty of warehouse space for stocking the essential and more specialist products. It will be a much better space for meeting and training clients creating a smooth and satisfying customer experience.



To help the new site stand out from the crowd The White Space were brought in to help brand the exterior and interior. Originally there was a mix of dark and light grey but to make the green and white stand out, with the help of the LW Graphics Team we were able to print a matching grey on 3M 480 and wrap over the light grey panels so it’s all a single colour. Using the same bright brand green on the inside of the frame as a distinctive highlight to the structure.


We were able to wrap the panels and everything else within a few days, ready for the main sign to be installed consisting of 50mm deep built up lettering of the Techceram logo which now stands out against the grey panels. The whole front has had a complete makeover and now stands out noticeably in the business park.



Two signs were supplied and installed above the doors to help locate the ‘Reception’ and ‘Deliveries & Dispatch’. These were done on clear 5mm acrylic panels with the green and grey vinyl applied to the back. Adding to their strong branding and making keeping the exterior clean and clear.



The interior was fitted with a smart new ‘Welcome to Techceram’ vinyl lettering on the first wall you come across when entering the office space. Three toilet door logos were supplied by the branding agency and printed and applied by LW Graphics efficiently to a high standard.


The result is exactly what the client wanted and it really does make a statement from the road.