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Why Christmas marketing is a good idea

And how to prepare for the festive season…

Christmas is a great time to try out some marketing campaigns as people are generally more receptive during this time of the year. You don’t need a big advertising budget but theming your marketing around the season shows a personality behind the brand.


Here are five tips on how to create an effective Christmas marketing campaign:


  1. Create a timeline- make a note of the key dates that would be appropriate. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, the 12 days of Christmas or as early as Black Friday.
  2. Decide on your message- consider your target audience, business values and USPs. Use a message that encompasses these elements and that will inspire the customer.
  3. Pick a theme- something that will co-ordinate with all the marketing platforms in use. Keeping it simple means it’ll be easier to use across the board and if it’s easily recognisable it will resonate with the customer.
  4. Decide on the offers- if you want to utilise the season to offer special promotions. These can match the theme and message and also serve as a great way to draw new customers to the business. Alternatively, if you’re a B2B company consider sending gifts to maintain and solidify strong working relationships.
  5. Create the content- once all this is decided it should be a smooth process when designing the content. Email banners, website pop ups or even printed media such as letters, cards and vinyl decals on branded vehicles or windows. Keeping everything consistent with the theme and message is important.



Making sure you start early enough in the year to get all the planning and creation done in time for the season is key. Once certain aspects are live on your website or social media, you can review how effective they are. This will help with knowing what channels to focus on and what can be improved next year.


Methods such as using a countdown method can build anticipation and draw people back each day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be daily but keeping up to date and posting content regularly will help traffic come your way during this period.


Remember to use festive hashtags to really engage the audience with your online marketing. Most businesses make an extra marketing push at Christmas so don’t get left behind!